Chemo Round #1

"Strength grows in the moments when you think you can't go on, but you keep going anyways"
Everyone is faced with their own difficult situations, and when we are, we have two choices - you can either give up, or choose to keep going. The last few days have tested my most inner strength as I somehow managed to get every damn side effect of this chemo (lucky me!). Yesterday I felt deflated from the painful joint aches that have made it impossible to get comfortable or sleep. I went into this as prepared as I thought I could be and I must say I think I was a little naive after the first couple days went by and I didn't feel much different. But then day 3 came and suddenly I had literally every side effect hit me. These past few days were the worst I have ever felt and I, at times, was already so defeated thinking this is just round 1! Kept saying to myself, shit this has to get better, and I had to just keep reminding myself that the chemo won't kill me, but the cancer will. As hard as this is, I just have to get through it, I choose to keep going. Everything I had read said day 3-5 are the worst, so when I woke up this morning, Day 6, I was beyond thrilled to feel a little better. Haha Google was right this time! 😃
I even managed a run on the treadmill today. Once I pushed through the joint pain in the first few minutes I felt like me again and it made the struggles of the last few days worth it. I knew that there was an end to this and I would feel better again. Since the beginning of this I have promised myself that I would stay fit with cancer and I have, but also allowing my body to rest when it needs. Staying active now has a whole new level of importance to me than it did before. It's truly the best therapy for my mind, body and soul.
When you are faced with hard shit, find that one thing to hang onto and keep going, choose to keep going. It's the fight today that builds the strength for tomorrow.
be inspired ❤️
PS: Fuck You Cancer

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