Easy come, easy go

Well easy come, easy go! Today I officially started losing my hair, everywhere. In some ways I am sad as I was really liking my new look and on the other hand I feel like a kid with bubble wrap, annoyed but can’t leave it alone 😄. I jokingly told Dallas that I better not commit a crime in the next while, my DNA is everywhere!
Truthfully no matter how prepared you think you are or feel like you’re ready , it still stings a bit...okay a lot. I feel really good right now so it’s a bit of a reality check of the path I am on right now. I will have my moment and may even shed a tear as I pass this milestone, but then I will move forward. It’s just hair, and in a way I am shedding my old “skin” to become the better, stronger, even more beautiful me after this is done.
Be moved. Be inspired.💗

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