I have cancer

I am usually not one to put my real personal stuff out there, and as much as this post sucks, I feel there is a very important message that needs to be shared.
I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.
It’s still a bit of a shock, and honestly don’t know if it has truly sunk in. Yes, I am scared, but I am truly positive in my outcome and feel very fortunate to have detected this so early through self-examination. And now as I wait for my surgical consult I feel I need to share the message of the importance of self- examination and early detection. Ladies, PLAY WITH YOUR BREASTS!! Your best early detection isn’t your first mammogram at 50, or your next breast exam during your annual physical (my doctor didn’t feel this). Your best early detection is YOU! Know your breasts, know what they feel and look like and if you detect ANY change, go see your doctor. 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer, BUT it is totally treatable with early detection. So please help me share this message, and together let’s support those affected with breast cancer and raise awareness on the importance of self-examination and early detection. All I can say is Fuck You Cancer, you don’t stand a chance against early detection…or me! And for those that know me, I don’t do pink ❤️

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