To cut it, or not to cut it...

Cancer brings with it so many side effects and to top it off wants to take your hair away too! I found myself debating if I should wait til it starts falling out and then shave it, leave it and do nothing or get ahead of it and shave it before it starts falling out. While my first chemo treatment is still a few weeks away I have decided to take this opportunity to do something with my hair that I wouldn’t have normally done...gonna have some fun with this!
In these moments I realize I am not defined by my hair or an oddly shaped breast. My dignity and character is defined by how I choose to accept the things that are happening to me, and fighting it really isn’t going to get me anywhere. I choose to embrace and share my cancer fight, and while not every day is easy and the ones ahead wont be, I truly believe it helps me stay strong and positive.
So today I got a new do that 3 months ago would never have done, because frankly I didn’t have the courage and I gave too much of a shit of what people thought.
I feel lighter, not just because I lost a foot of hair but because I am choosing not to be in turmoil over this decision or what it means. I love my new look and I plan to rock the bald look too 😘
So fuck you cancer, i am one upping you every step of the way.

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