Goat Milk Soap Bar
Goat Milk Soap Bar

Goat Milk Soap Bar

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From Go Natural Beauty, made here in Manitoba, this natural goat milk soap is made with pure goats milk and oil. This soap is unscented, perfect for people with skin and smell sensitivity.  Widely used by individuals for care of extremely dry skin resulting from eczema, psoriasis and chemotherapy.


Contains: Goat milk, Sunflower oil

PURE goat milk soap (not just a few tbsp of dehydrated goat milk like most others goat soaps on the market). Goat milk is excellent for all skin types. Eczema, acne, and dry skin. Goat milk soap moisturizes every time you use it. Goat's milk has the same Ph balance as human skin so it does not dry skin out. Goat's milk is also full of vitamins and essential nutrients as well as natural antibacterial properties. You will love this soap, we guarantee it!


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